Welcome to Our Demo Site

Welcome to our wooDemo site. Here you will find a site which is fully automated and kept up to date with new products, stocks, categories and shipping.

Try adding items to your basket and see how we have setup shipping, you can even checkout items…….they won’t get ordered! Although the wooConnect solution we have in place will place orders with given suppliers should it be applicable and on a live site.


This site uses an out of the box theme Envo eCommerce, you do not have to use this theme for our wooConnect solution to work!

We have only added this page to the site and added/configured the categories menu(which is part of the standard setup) to the right to only show categories which have items.

Other than this we imported all products, categories and shipping using the Platform Connections wooConnect solution.

The only change we have made to the import was to change the shipping names to short names to make the basket and checkout pages more appeasing. This was done in the wooCommerce section of the site and does not affect shipping updates, giving you the option to choose how you name each shipping method you display on your site.

Additional Plugins

Our wooConnect solution adds the information to your site as if is done manually meaning that additional plugins you add will work in the same way.

Managing Orders

Our wooConnect solution will pull any orders you receive on your site into our system and place them directly with the supplier (if the supplier has auto ordering). Additionally the order will be updated to dispatched once the order is dispatched by the supplier. Products which do not have auto ordering will still be pulled into our system but you will have to manually order these items from the given supplier.